At the same time becomes instant decision- mosque standoff!

Date September 10, 2010
At the same time becomes instant decision
The temple - mosque standoff!
Justice delayed is how horrible the outcome - it is a live example Ayodhya Ram Temple - Babri Masjid dispute. If 64 years ago settled disputes arising at the same time little is made correctly. So maybe such a big crisis and the troubles of the country are turning round. Ram Temple - Babri Masjid dispute is currently in the High Court. Court probably his decision this month to date Sunayaega round. Before the decision is creating the conditions. He is saying that this decision after the case probably not going Slttene so easily. Related parties may take refuge in the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, demand is also being raised within the Parliament to settle the case or be living it. The historical background of the case 22 to 23 December, 1949 Take a look at the controversy began at that time. When allegedly began to keep idols inside the mosque and prayers began at the Ram platform. Hindus claim the mosque built here in the past the temple broke it. The disputed site is the birthplace of Lord Ram. In this case both the community of its own - its logic. From which no use arguing. We believe that the Ram Temple - Babri Masjid site historical and religious significance of the disputed site are both significant. What does the High Court decision - to come it will take just less than two weeks. F Slo one community may Ahsrith Akreaty the other can. So in this case the entire country to be cautious and patient need to understand the entire issue. Decision in the light of fears of a mishap the day and many people travel by train a few days further postponed. 19 th country in the decade after the Babri Masjid demolition is witness to the circumstances and the fear of recurrence is troubling. So who will decide. Both communities need only to look on him. Since this decision and another decision to give up the Peugwaraafhul court decisions which have to accept everyone. In our opinion this case should come a decision which is acceptable to all. But this is unlikely. So as a national heritage site in the Government should secure. So that communal harmony prevails between the two communities are. Government should talk to all sides that this issue for both communities near the disputed site to the new ground Aanatih. Whether this temple or mosque in which they scored. So what happened in the past can not be changed but it took only one way to save future generations from a conflict that the disputed site and want to be declared a national heritage aside both sides equal - be equal Aanatten this land.

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